Jasmine tea – the tea kind for warm-hearted people

Jasmine tea, as the name implies, is a kind of tea scented with the aroma of jasmine blossoms. It originated in Fujian Province a thousand years ago and has become the most famous scented tea in China. You’ve probably heard about it before, but if you haven’t tasted it yet: you’re missing out.

The legend of the jasmine fairy

So how did Chinese people think of adding jasmine petals to tea? It is said that Chen Guqiu, a tea merchant in Fujian, is the founder. One winter, Chen invited a tea master to his home and served him some newly unpacked tea. When the tea brewed, they first smelled a pleasant fragrance, and then in the rising steam, they saw a pretty girl holding a bunch of jasmines. After a while, the girl’s figure turned into a white mist. The master smiled, “She is the ‘thank-you fairy’,a fairy who only shows herself to warm-hearted people, and rewards them for the good deeds they have done. You must have done something good!”. Chen told him that he once helped a girl who had been separated from her family  back home, and the tea that the men were drinking at the moment, was the gift the girl later sent to him. Every time Chen and the master steeped the tea, the girl appeared again. That’s why they decided to add some jasmine petals to the tea. Fascinated by the fragrant aromas and taste, he introduced it to his neighbors, which introduced in to their relatives, and so on. That’s how jasmine tea rose to fame in China. Due to its great popularity, you’ll rarely find a Chinese tea shop that does not have this special tea kind in its assortment.

The loveliest kind of tea

So, what makes jasmine tea so special? The first thing is its lovely appearance. The shape of jasmine tea is round with an appearance that impressively resembles pearls. As the tea steeps, you can see these delicate pearls unfold slowly, creating a beautiful presentation in the water. Moreover, jasmine tea created the perfect combination of aromas from the tea leaves and jasmine petals. Typically, green tea is used as the base, but sometimes even white and black tea leaves are used. The jasmine petals that are used, create the deeply fragrant smell and sweet finish. Just a few tea leaves are enough to brew a fragrant cup of jasmine tea with a thick, fresh, and long-lasting aroma.

But jasmine tea is not only attractive for the eyes and nose, it’s also good for your health! Jasmine tea has been shown to have sedative effects, and can help treat diarrhea, abdominal pain, red eye swelling, sores, regular swelling, and getting rid of toxins.

Real tea lovers should definitely try this special kind – even if it’s just for the amazing smell. And if you’re lucky the thank-you fairy will visit you as well!