Lu Cuisine: one of the oldest Chinese cuisines

The Lu Cuisine is one of eight regional Chinese cuisines. In China, the kitchens are classified based on regional influences and on the other hand by cooking techniques. Thus, 8 kitchens are distinguished, but some experts also believe that there are actually dozens of them. One of the oldest regional Chinese cuisines is the Lu Cuisine. Read all about the characteristics of this delicious Chinese cuisine in this blog.

The Lu Cuisine

This regional Chinese cuisine is more than 2500 years old and is also called Shandong cuisine. This is because of the Shandong province in which the Lu cuisine originated. The Lu Cuisine is known for a lot of dishes, but because of its location, the seafood dishes are especially popular. Shandong cuisine allows you to enjoy delicious seafood such as scallops, squid, mussels, shrimp and much more.

One very well-known dish is the sweet and sour carp. The fish is marinated in a special way and is red in color, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. The unique flavor combinations certainly belong to the strengths of this local Chinese cuisine!

Cooking techniques play a very important role in Lu Cuisine. Did you know that no fewer than thirty different cooking techniques are used? There are, for example, more than ten ways to fry. Fire control is also seen as an essential skill within the Lu Cuisine.

The influence of Confucius

The well-known Chinese philosopher Confucius also played an extremely important role in the creation of the Lu Cuisine. Not only was Confucius born in the Shandong province, his influence is also about norms and values concerning simplicity, harmony and balance. Confucius was was a true foodie. He spoke about dining options, cooking techniques and certain flavor combinations. He was convinced that food is best served in small portions, that food without harmony absolutely cannot taste good and that the taste result of a blend of products is more important than individual taste. One of Confucius’ characteristic views on life is that life is nothing without food and friends.

Fun facts about the Shandong Cuisine

Have you already become interested in the taste wonders of the Lu Cuisine? Then we have a number of fun facts for you:

  • In the north of China, the cooking techniques from the Lu Cuisine are mainly used today
  • The chefs from the Shandong region put the main focus on the color, taste and texture of the ingredients
  • The kitchen is also known for many delicious broth soups, some of which can be soaked for several days
  • Pa and Bao are well-known frying techniques; the bao technique revolves around frying very briefly in oil at a high temperature. Because the outside sears quickly, very little oil gets into the food. The pa technique is all about adding a crunchy layer by using some flour. The food is then stir-fried and sauce is added while stirring.

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