Longjing tea; China’s most famous green tea!

Longjing tea is China’s most famous green tea and is known for its nutty flavor notes. After picking, the leaf is roasted in a wok. This is done by hand so that the maker can feel the temperature of the wok. It takes a tea maker about 3 years to master 10 different hand movements for the wok. A longjing tea maker can make about ten kilos of the highest quality longjing tea per day.

The history of lonjing tea

The Chinese Emperor Qianlog has had a significant influence on the popularity of longjing tea. During one of his journeys, the emperor was told that his mother was ill. He quickly decided to go back to visit his mother and took a bag of tea buds with him. When he arrived at his mothers place, something strange happened. She suddenly woke up in a happy state. According to the mother, this was because she could smell the tea buds. Then she took a few cups of tea and immediately felt better. As a result, Emperor Qianlong named 18 tea trees as imperial tea trees.

The health benefits

In China, longjing tea is also drunk for lowering blood pressure and balancing cholesterol levels. The tea may therefore have a positive effect on reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, it is also said that this tea gives you energy and is helpful with anxiety problems and stress.

Go for the right quality

There are different levels of quality. Usually a distinction is made between an A, B and C class depending on the color, smell and taste. You can first recognize the best quality longjing tea by its color. The lighter the colour, the better the quality of the leaves. The color of the tea should be yellow-green. As soon as the tea turns darker, it belongs to a lower quality class.

Secondly, we look at the tea leaf itself. First of all, this should be intact as much as possible and in addition, the tea leaves are straight and flat.

Finally, the smell plays an important role in the classification of the tea. Longjing tea should have a light and soft scent. The aromas then provide a soft and balanced taste in your cup of tea. When you enjoy a high quality longjing tea you will always taste a slightly nutty and floral taste.

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