Oolong tea – dark tea, with bright characteristics.

Let’s dive a little deeper into another special kind of tea, which got its name from its black color and curly shaped leaves: Oolong tea, which means dark dragon tea in Chinese. This tea kind originated and evolved from an earlier tea 1000 years ago, and was later served as the first tribute tea exclusive to royal families in China’s imperial past, and slowly made its way into the hearts of people living all over the world. Nowadays, we also know the improved variety Milky Oolong King. Time to dive a little deeper into both!

A little history

Tea kinds are distinguished by their variety in oxidation, and Oolong tea is the perfect mix between full oxidized white tea, and slightly oxidized green tea. Therefore, it has the body and complexity of black tea, and the brightness and freshness of green tea. Today the tea is mainly produced in the tea-growing areas of Fujian, Guangdong, and Taiwan within China. Of these areas, the most well-known is Wuyishan in the Fujian Province, which boasts rich organic matter, high mineral content, and favorable PH value of its soil which is most suitable for the growth of oolong.

Milky Oolong tea

Oolong tea also has a little sister: milky oolong tea, which is an improved variety, characterized by its creamy and slightly sweet taste. The perfect cup for tea drinkers with a sweet tooth. Although the taste is a bit different, it still retains all the health benefits of traditional oolong tea. First of all, it is rich in catechins and other polyphenols, which can accelerate the fat-burning process and contribute to weight loss. So, whenever you’re dieting and craving for some sweet flavor: Milky Oolong tea is the way to go! Furthermore, Oolong tea can help with decelerating your aging process. Containing a large number of antioxidants, the tea helps eliminate the active oxygen which is harmful to the human skin and cardiovascular system, thus safeguarding your beauty and health. Drinking Oolong tea often can also effectively reduce blood lipid and pressure as well as improve blood circulation, so it also plays a role in strengthening your heart.

Time for the perfect cup

Whenever you’re getting back from a long day of hard work, rewarding yourself with a cup Milky Oolong tea, it the reward you need. Here are some tips for you on how to prepare a delicious cup of fragrant Milky Oolong King. First, prepare some hot water at 85℃ (Boil, then cool 2 mins). Put a teaspoon of tea (2 grams) into your cup and infuse it with 250 ml of water and wait for about 3 minutes until the aromas of the tea leaves are perfectly induced. Once all of the aromas have been extracted, pour yourself a nice cup of tea, and enjoy!