Rose Tea – flowering up your summer

Looking at the flowers of roses slowly opening up in the tea cup, followed up by the color turning from transparent green to light purple, instantly gives you relaxed summer vibes. Compared to other tea kinds, this one is relatively cold and therefore best to drink during spring and summer. While enjoying this fresh natural, elegant, and cool drink and its fragrance, it might even feel like you’re in a beautiful valley full of roses.

When choosing a rose as a base for your tea, the first thing you need to learn is to distinguish between roses that have been smoked with sulfur and natural rose stems. If the color of the flowers is dark, it means they have been smoked with sulfur, while this has been left out of the process for the brighter ones. Additionally, natural rose stems are turquoise, but those smoked with sulfur turned yellow. After making the tea, the difference can also be seen by how much the leaves are fading, where the ones smoked with sulfur will keep their original color. After choosing which taste you like best, you can give the tea your own special twist by adding slices of (dried) lemon, jasmines, peach blossom, lotus leaves, goji berries, or even raisins.

Benefits for mind and body.

While we really advice on integrating drinking tea within your daily routine, rose tea shouldn’t be drank every day. However, drinking it once in a while could be very beneficial. Rose tea is rich in nutrients, which are good for our bodies. They have a calming effect to sooth your emotions. So, are you feeling stressed out? Reduce pressure and ease your mood by drinking a cup after a long stressful day. It’s also a tea kind that’s known for eliminating insomnia. These calming effects, make this kind of tea also a good choice to set your mood for the rest of the day, in control, happy and calm. Additionally, this kind of tea has malic acid in it, drinking it one hour after a big dinner can counter physical discomfort and boost your digestive function.

And last, but not least: besides healing the inside, it’s also beneficial for the outside, by improving your skin condition, counteracting acne and boosting skin elasticity.