Rose Tea; A perfect choice in summer

Rose tea is a common tea drink and mainly made from tea leaves and roses. It’s a kind of scented tea. When choosing a rose for your tea, the first thing you need to learn is to distinguish between roses that have been smoked with sulfur.

You should first look at the color of the flowers. Dark rose color are the ones that have not been smoked with sulfur, but the dried roses that had been smoked were brighter, more inviting, and more attractive.

You should see the color of flower stalk next. Natural rose stems are turquoise in color, but those smoked with sulfur are yellow.

Look again at the soup color of scented tea. Fresh roses contain a lot of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are water-soluble pigments. So the dry rose soaked in water will appear the phenomenon of fading. But sulfur has a coloration effect. As a result, roses smoked with sulfur do not fade easily.

You can taste dried flowers. Fresh dried roses have a natural fragrance when chewed. But dried roses smoked with sulfur can taste sour.

Rose tea is also rich in nutrients. It has many nutrients that are good for you.

So what is the effect of rose scented tea ?

1. Soothe your emotions

Rose tea has high nutritional value and certain medicinal value. Rose tea can exert a calming, soothing, antidepressant effect. When the person is in depressed, depressive mood,  you might as well drink rose tea to reduce pressure, calm the mood and eliminate insomnia.

2. skin care

Roses can make skin better and improve skin condition. Rose tea can also remove acne and keep skin elastic.

Therefore, rose tea has become one of the favorite scented teas for women.


Rose tea,

Are you drinking in the right way ?

Making tea is an art, and so is making rose tea. Whether a cup of tea tastes good or not has a lot to do with the way it is brewed. Rose tea is known to have many beneficial effects, Especially for women. But many tea lovers don’t know much about how rose tea is brewed. Next follows several brewing method of rose tea.

Preparation for making rose tea:

1, tea set:  you can use porcelain, pottery and glass tea set. I prefer to brew rose tea with a glass tea set. Looking at the flowers slowly open in the cup and color turning from the transparent edge of green to light purple, The process is truly enjoyable.

2. Water: water should be of good quality. Mineral water, pure water or mountain spring water is better.

3, washing tea: rose tea should not be washed with water with a high temperature. It is better to use the boiled water that has been placed for a while. Because the tea leaves inside are green tea, so rinse quickly.

Here are several methods of making rose tea:

Methods 1

Prepare some roses, slices of dried lemon, and a few jasmines. Put them in the teapot. Brew with boiling water. Wait half an hour for the rose bubble to dissolve, you can begin to enjoy.

Method 2

Prepare five roses. Brew with boiling water and add a little honey. This kind of method conduce to reduce weight, beautiful appearance wait for effect. Friends who want to lose weight can try this method.

Methods 3

With rose matchs with lemon slice, peach blossom, lotus leaf, with open bubble the time of quarter of an hour is ok, to go to work the friend that often sits or it is the friend with thick leg can use this kind of bubble method to solve his small trouble.

Methods 4

Will rose, big red jujube, Chinese wolfberry these three kinds of material match together. Brew with boiling water for about 8 minutes. This method is beneficial to make skin delicate and rosy.

Methods 5

Prepare 6 pink roses, 1 lemon slice and 3 lotus leaves.

Place the rose, lemon and lotus leaves in a cup. Soak in boiling water for about 5 minutes. This kind of method can rise adjust classics to move blood, hairdressing reduces weight effect.

Methods 6

Prepare 3 grams of salvia miltiorrhiza, 6 berries of goji, 6 raisins, 2 roses.

Mix and soak in boiling water for 10 minutes. The main effect of this method is to improve insomnia insomnia amnesiacs, and can effectively regulate endocrine disorders.

But When is rose tea suitable to drink ?

Roses are not good for drinking every day. Rose tea is best drunk in autumn and winter. Because rose tea itself is relatively cold, people with a cold body will be easy to drink more diarrhea, physical discomfort.

1. In the morning: rose tea is rich in vitamins. Drinking rose tea in the morning can meet the needs of the human body. And rose tea has a certain role in regulating the mood, can let people maintain a good mood for a day.

2. 1 hour after dinner: rose tea contains malic acid. This acid has a certain digestive function. Drink 1 hour after meal, can promote the digestion of food and absorb. At the same time can avoid the occurrence of food accumulation, indigestion and other physical discomfort.

3. In the Afternoon: rose tea is good for a tired afternoon. Rose tea contains geraniol, neroli alcohol, citronella alcohol and other volatile aroma components. These a few sweet atmosphere material have the action of excitatory nerve. Therefore, drinking rose tea at this time can eliminate fatigue and relieve stress, thus improving work efficiency.

The heat of summer makes it difficult to calm down.

Nowadays, the city is full of tall buildings and heavy traffic. When you’re outside for a while, it’s too hard to endure the summer heat. Indoor air conditioning can beat the summer heat. However mechanization of cooling, always let a person feel a little bit less natural taste.

It only takes 20 minutes to make a cup of iced rose tea. And It would be very enjoyable to Look at the beauty of the rose in the water with attractive color and steam the scented tea through the ice into a cold drink. In this hot summer, when the cool rose tea gets into the mouth, you can feel a fresh natural elegant cool fragrance. As you close your eyes, it just feels like being in a valley full of roses.