What is the trigger in Changsha?

Changsha, one of the most visited cities in China, welcomed nearly 0,7 billion people in 2020. Most of these travellers came to Changsha for the local and delicious food, but perhaps also because of the Modern China Tea Shop. Exclusively in Changsha, the best combination of traditional and modern tea can be found.

Modern China Tea Shop

Modern China Tea Shop is an exclusive boutique in Changsha, founded in 2013. At the beginning of April, a pop-up store opened its doors in Shenzhen, Wenzhou. No doubt that this store will be a hit. Just follow the line, which can be two kilometres long, to this magical, new store. At peak hours, customers are even willing to wait for more than eight hours to become proud owner of this tea. But what’s in the mysterious ingredient in the tea?

White dot

Not very likely, but the Modern China Tea Shop only provides tea-oriented drinks. A widescale of various tea brands are well presented in the stores. The base of the drink is quite simple, freshly brewed tea. The hidden ingredient? Quite simple, the leaves of the tea. The quality of the tea is very important for the perfect combination. “Tea with Cream” is one of the signature teas of the Modern China Tea Shop. A combination of different teas, fine cream on top, and sprinkled with freshly baked walnuts, are the hidden ingredients of this drink.

“Try, Sip and Stir”

Customer focus is very important for the Modern China Tea Shop. To provide and guarantee every customer the best tea, the Modern China Tea Shop implemented the “Try, Sip and Stir” drinking method. Try, taste and make a decision, not a suit? You will receive another tea for free!

Is it your first visit to the Modern China Tea Shop? Just try the Orchid Latte – Ceylon black tea, fresh Anchor cream, topped with pecan nuts. Every single customer loves this tea because of the slight bitterness of black tea, combined with the sweetness of the soft cream and crispy nuts, for the bite.

Design is everything

Modern China Tea Shop aims to get a deeper connection between the Chinese traditional culture and their customers, which will be expressed in the design of the product package and promotion posters. The design of the cups is inspired by famous ancient painting like Night Revels of Han Xizai and Auspicious Cranes.

Due to the fact of supreme quality, customer focus and good price, Modern China Tea Shop is a very well-known boutique. But is it enough to expand the business? Time will tell.