Chinese Cloisonne

Chinese Cloisonne: Decorated ceramics with bright colours, separated by mental wires. Originally from the west side of China but nowadays a collector item and eye-catcher in every living room. But why is this craft so special for so many collectors? Please let us introduce you to the history of the Chinese Cloisonne. But first, a … Continued

What is the trigger in Changsha?

Changsha, one of the most visited cities in China, welcomed nearly 0,7 billion people in 2020. Most of these travellers came to Changsha for the local and delicious food, but perhaps also because of the Modern China Tea Shop. Exclusively in Changsha, the best combination of traditional and modern tea can be found. Modern China … Continued

Expect the Unexpected: Chicken Feet

In recent years, chicken feet have been increasingly embraced by western culture. However, most westerners still refuse to see it at the dinner table. In most Europese kitchens, the chicken feet will be served in the bin. For those who still hold a negative view of chicken feet, we are sure you will fall in … Continued