Sweeping across China – PART 2

The tea-loving country, we all know that we are talking about China. This deeply rooted love for tea has passed a new generation. In western culture, tea will be membered as a beverage, but in China, it is still something special. So, what’s the secret behind the success of HEYTEA?

Suited to your taste

The signature drink is the Original Cheese Tea. The milky, salty taste of cheese combines with the lightness of tea in the best way.

Another essential category of HEYTEA’s product is Fresh Fruit Tea. The ingenious combination of the sweetness of different fruits and tea provides a lighter and healthier choice of drinks for customers.

The Seasonal Limited Tea series are the most wanted product of customers. Every season, HEYTEA develops a product, based on the seasonal fruit and a tea to surprise the customer. Every year, on the due date, the queue outside every store is even double so long.

The youth

Another reason why HEYTEA is so popular among the young generation is that it conducts extensive collaborations with brands of different fields, such as the fashion industry and even with music brands. Everything to trigger the younger generation.

White Rabbit Candy – To trigger the youth, shared memories of the 90s generation have brought up to life, White Rabbit Candy. The specially designed drink with the taste of White Rabbit candy is a lovely memory.

WONDERLAB – A popular meal replacement brand among the youth. As the concept of keeping fit and staying healthy becomes increasingly popular, HEYTEA collaborated with WONDERLAB to promote the image of healthy and nutritious food.

The key to success is quite simple, dare. HEYTEA does rely on fascinating combinations and is not afraid to try. So, we are curious about the next move of HEYTEA.