Sweeping across China – PART 1

The tea-loving country, we all know that we are talking about China. This deeply rooted love for tea has passed a new generation. In western culture, tea will be membered as a beverage, but in China, it is still something special. So, what’s the secret behind the success of HEYTEA?

A small town

HEYTEA, founded in 2012 under the name Royal Tea in a store of nearly 20m2, is the most well-known brand in China and will be probably the first brand that comes to mind when we are talking about milk tea. It is weird to think about the start of this – nowadays – well-known brand. The foundation of the brand is in a small town in the Guangdong province. Over the years, many changes have been applied, the name, the concept and besides the number of stores included square meters.

Fascinating combination

The famous move was the fascinating combination of tea and cheese. The unique invention of “cheese topping” won customers’ hearts. Moreover, HEYTEA chose to use fresh whole tea leaves instead of broken tea. To serve the best taste, HAYTEA insisted to brew tea per order. The costs may be higher, but the supreme taste of the products stand out. Over the years, the tea industry moved to this concept. The essence of a good milk tea? Supreme, raw products. HEYTEA set the standard of the tea industry.

Outstanding design

Every store of HEYTEA has a different design concept. Combining local culture and regional features, every store is situated in a conspicuous location to attract customers. HEYTEA provides a comfortable and refreshing environment for the customers to enjoy their tea. Customers would love to share pictures on social media of the stores, because of the outstanding design.

HEYTEA Shenzhen Uniwalk Store — with the theme “Zen” – is a store with serenity and simplicity. The whole room adapts the colour of white and sandalwood. The green plants in the middle are to add life and atmosphere to the environment.

HEYTEA Pink — the colour of fantasy – are rich in layers of lovely pink to create an atmosphere of compassion and love.

To sum up, the popularity and success of HEYTEA do not only rely on excellent promotion strategies but also the constant superior quality of their products. They can be the market leader, due to the fact of some crazy, but inspiring actions. So, let’s try some Cheese Tea!