January 9, 2021 - HanTing Delivery

The Cantonese all-time favorite: Beef offal

When asking visitors of the Guangdong province of China what the most memorable snack was during their stay, the answer is probably beef offal. This dish isn’t your usual meat dish as it includes organ meats such as heart, kidney, tongue, liver and sweetbreads. While this might not sound very attractive, this dish will definitely … Continued

Red tea; how to select the best quality

All around the world, red tea is known and loved for its sweet and mellow taste, and its perfect compatibility with milk. More importantly, drinking it can be very beneficial for our bodies as it’s been shown to stimulate digestion and strengthen the heart. But to get the taste and health benefits, good quality tea … Continued

White tea; how to select the best quality

Although lots of tea kinds can be enjoyed all day long, white tea is an exception. This special tea should be drunk moderately and shouldn’t be prepared too strong. However, just one cup a day brings your body a bunch of benefits such as protecting your eyes, liver and maintaining the balance of blood sugar. … Continued

Surprising Chinese Delicacies part 2; Century Egg

Inviting bright colors, aroma’s and tastes. China is known for a wide variety of tasty foods such as hotpot, dumplings, and Peking duck. But have you ever heard of the ‘dark cuisine’? These are dishes or ingredients with distinctive local characteristics that may be unacceptable in appearance or odor to people from other cultures or … Continued