White tea; how to select the best quality

Although lots of tea kinds can be enjoyed all day long, white tea is an exception. This special tea should be drunk moderately and shouldn’t be prepared too strong. However, just one cup a day brings your body a bunch of benefits such as protecting your eyes, liver and maintaining the balance of blood sugar. This article will reveal how to select the best quality of white tea to make your cup a day extra enjoyable.

While shopping

First of all, selecting the best kind of white tea starts with looking at the structure of the leaves. The majority of these should be fully intact. Also, they should be golden. This indicates that the raw materials are fresh and tender which will provide you with the best taste. The last thing you can do when you’re in the store is smelling the leaves. The best quality leaves have pure aroma instead of blended smells.

While preparing the tea

Then, it’s time to brew the tea. Before doing so, the dry leaves should be rinsed for the best cup. This should leave a little foam on the water. When the leaves are soaking in the hot water, the smell gathers in the lit of the tea pot. Lifting up the lit, and smelling the lingering strong and pure aroma, lets you know you’ve selected the best. And the color? This should be transparent with a though of crystal.

While drinking the tea

Then, it’s time for the taste test. Good quality white tea should taste fresh and slightly bitter with a sweet aftertaste. After drinking, it should also leave your mouth and nose with a lasting aroma. While you would think this is the last step, it’s actually not. When you’ve finished your cup, look at the bottom at the soaked tea leaves. Pick some of them up and feel their structure. Good quality white tea becomes soft and elastic after pouring hot water over them. And last? The leaves should not be quick to dry out. Just like human skin, good white tea leaves are capable of locking water inside for a long time.