About HanTing Delivery

The story behind the creation of HanTing Delivery.

The Launch

In October 2020 chef Han Ji launched food delivery platform HanTing.Delivery. The platform offers various options for bringing Eastern cuisine into your home and can be divided into Restaurant Delivery, Chef@home kits and Food Stores. These are all concepts that revolve around being: innovative, nutritious, surprising and above all: tasty!


Via Restaurant Delivery, dishes and menus from six different food concepts from the restaurants UMAMI by Han, Streetfood by Han, Restaurant Zheng, Japanese Sandwich Bar and Japanese Curry Bar can be delivered or picked up within 30 minutes. In addition, the platform offers various @home kits that allow you to put a complete Eastern dining experience on your dinner table in the easiest possible way.

Food Stores

Finally, HanTing.Delivery has various Food Stores for special, delicate Asian products, teas, food and ingredients that you cannot simply find in the supermarket.