Traditional Chinese Medicine; get ready for fall

Have you ever heard of Traditional Chinese Medicine? It is the collective name that refers to the wide variety of Chinese medical practices, but also to nutrition. According to Chinese medicine, a person benefits from living in harmony with the seasons. With autumn in sight, it is therefore a good time to learn how Chinese … Continued

Genmaicha: A Mark of Japanese Style

Have you ever been to Japanese restaurants? If yes, then maybe you are not unfamiliar with genmaicha—the tea I would like to share with you today—that waiters always serve you before meals. Together with sushi, tempura and other Japanese food sold in the restaurant overseas, genmaicha has become one of the most widely recognized styles … Continued

White tea; how to select the best quality

Although lots of tea kinds can be enjoyed all day long, white tea is an exception. This special tea should be drunk moderately and shouldn’t be prepared too strong. However, just one cup a day brings your body a bunch of benefits such as protecting your eyes, liver and maintaining the balance of blood sugar. … Continued

Yellow Tea; how to select the best quality

As the tea kinds that is considered the rarest in the world, with incomparable taste, feel, and health benefits, yellow tea used to be reserved for Chinese emperors only. We’re glad, that’s not the case anymore. We will guide you to the steps of selecting the premium quality to create the best experience. First, look … Continued

Tea Imperium

With the first morning light beams through the window, tea farmer picks up fruity leaves on top of tea trees. Those dewy leaves are the most tender part of trees and will be processed through fermentation and frying. After five or seven steps, tea is born. As coffee for Americans, tea is an essential part … Continued

Rose Tea – flowering up your summer

Looking at the flowers of roses slowly opening up in the tea cup, followed up by the color turning from transparent green to light purple, instantly gives you relaxed summer vibes. Compared to other tea kinds, this one is relatively cold and therefore best to drink during spring and summer. While enjoying this fresh natural, … Continued

The origin of Drinking Tea

Tea originated in China and has a history of more than 6,000 years. It is said that the tea was discovered by Shennong, a famous ancient figure in China. When he was boiling water in a cauldron in the wild, there were just a few leaves floating in the cauldron. The boiled water was yellowish … Continued