White Peony tea (Pai Mu Dan)

You probably already know that Chinese tea is divided into six categories based on the way they are processed. These six categories are: green tea, black tea, yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea, and dark tea. Each of them has their own notable features and appearance. But do you already know White Peony? There’s an … Continued

Genmaicha: A Mark of Japanese Style

Have you ever been to Japanese restaurants? If yes, then maybe you are not unfamiliar with genmaicha—the tea I would like to share with you today—that waiters always serve you before meals. Together with sushi, tempura and other Japanese food sold in the restaurant overseas, genmaicha has become one of the most widely recognized styles … Continued

Green Tea and its benefits

Green tea is the most popular of all tea kinds in China, and has also won over the hearts of many people all over the world. This tea is made from the new leaves or young buds of the tea plant. Because of leaving out the process of drying, the freshness of the young leaves … Continued