Confucianism’s philosophy on food

You might have heard of it: Confucianism, a philosophy named after its founder Confucius. While it originated in the pre-Qin dynasty, it still plays an important role within the Chinese traditional culture and has a massive influence on China’s politics, economy and culture. In this blog we’ll dive into the food and etiquette side of … Continued

The Zen life of a Chinese Monk

Waking up at 4:30 am, gathering in the temple for mantra-recitation, cleaning up using water of the monastery’s fountain, and gathering again in the front gate asking locals for food and money. This is how a regular day of a monk looks like in China. The schedule is fixed, and the freedom is limited, but … Continued

Where the east meets the west: Shanghai

Shanghai is the city where the Europeans and Americans have the strongest home-coming feeling. There are streets with European-style buildings, Michelin star restaurants with premium steaks and brunch, and numerous nightclubs where one can go crazy all night. “It is the greatest city in China.” Many visitors wrote on their Twitter posts. After the Opium … Continued