Mooncake and the celebration of the Mid Autumn Festival!

In China we have all kinds of commemorations, special events and festivals. One of these is the Mid Autumn Festival; also known as the moon festival. This festival is one of the most important festivals in China. Learn all about it in this blog and make your own mooncake!

Why is this festival so important?

According to the Chinese calendar, there is a full moon on the day of the Mid Autumn festival. In China, the full moon is associated with the end of hard work on the land and also people collect and store the last harvest. In China we celebrate this festival by enjoying food and the presence of friends and family. Not only do people enjoy food, we also show gratitude for everything we have in life. Together with family the children will make lanterns with beautiful drawings. When done people attach papers with wishes to the lanterns. Now you know why this festival is also referred to as Chinese Thanksgiving!

What to eat?

Of course, every festival in China is the perfect time to enjoy delicious food. In every region you can celebrate this Mid Autumn festival with delicious local dishes. The dishes are often chosen based on the meaning of words used for certain products.

Many people eat pomelo, among other things. The Chinese word for Pomelo sounds almost the same as the word used for pronouncing blessings and protecting the children: yòuzi

People also eat all kinds of fruit that symbolize long life or wealth, such as peaches. Duck is also a popular type of meat to eat. Especially during the autumn period, the meat of the duck is more fatty, which provides delicious taste sensations. Lotus root should also not be missed! This delicious root is associated with new opportunities and we can’t ever have enough of those!

Let’s enjoy mooncakes!

Mooncakes are one of the most popular items to eat during this festival in China. It is actually the reasone why people also name the Mid Autumn Festival the Mooncake Festival. Because people commemorate the full moon, mooncakes are a crucial part of the celebration. You can get them in all kinds of colors and shapes, but of course a homemade version is the best!

Via this link you will find recipes for mooncakes with different fillings. Don’t forget to share your creation on Instagram with us via

Tea time!

Of course, a cup of tea should not be missing while enjoying your own mooncake creation. In general, different Oolong teas are drunk in combination with mooncakes. This is a particularly good tea combination because Oolong tea balances the sweet taste of the cake. So don’t forget to purchase your Oolong tea via Zheng Tea Room on our webshop. We have a nice selection of various Oolong teas. Are you unsure which one suits you best? Feel free to send our tea sommeliers a DM via Instagram.