Bananenbladeren voor de pepesan kooktechniek

Pepesan: the Indonesian cooking method for an explosion of flavors

Try out some amazing pepesan dishes. This Indonesian cooking technique will surely spoil you with an explosian of flavors.

Have you ever tried it; enjoying a dish steamed in banana leaves? This Indonesian cooking technique is called pepesan. Are you organizing a dinner soon? With the Pepesan cooking technique you will astonish everyone with the perfect tropical surprise! Read all about the application of pepesan in this article!

The Pepesan Cooking Technique

Pepesan involves steaming a dish in banana leaves. Indonesia has a variety of pepesan dishes, from meat to fish to delicious tofu recipes. The cooking technique is healthy, because no oil is needed. In addition, the flavors are released well thanks to steaming. Banana leaves are usually for sale in oriental supermarkets. You will need about four per dish.

Wrap it up!

Before wrapping the dish, cover the bottom two banana leaves with a spice mixture. The type of spice mixture depends on the dish. Often a herbal mixture contains ginger, lemongrass, turmeric and/or galangal.

After adding the spice mixture, it is time to wrap the dish with the remaining two banana leaves. Make a package by wrapping everything with foil, and you are ready for steaming the dish! Watch a video about the cooking technique.

A delicious pepesan dish. Try it out yourself!
The complete experience with delicious side dishes

Your meal is only really complete with a variety of side dishes. An indispensable item is of course rice, but tasty salads, prawn crackers, emping and some seroendeng are also perfect additions! for a delicious Indonesian meal.

Especially crunchy bites are ideal in combination with a gently steamed dish! Meals in which different flavors and structures come together, will give you the perfect culinary enjoyment.

Delicious Indonesian side dishes

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