The golden soup called Yunnan Golden.

As you might have guessed, Yunnan Golden tea originates from the Yunnan province in China. A special province, since it’s the birthplace of tea and breeds the oldest tea trees in the world. Most trees are over 2000 years of history, and one special one gets up to the age of 3700 years. These old trees are being protected from leave picking, but the area is still stocked by tea trees that provide leaves for tea lovers all over the world.

Nature’s gift

It’s no wonder that the Yunnan locals have been living on tea trading for thousands of years. For them, tea trees are a true gift from nature. Of course, they also drink lots of tea every day, for pleasure and for taste. The older generation even says that they can’t start a day without a bowl of tea – yes, a bowl, not a cup. And on top of that, they say they can do heavy labor without food, but not without tea. To thank nature for its unique and precious gift, a grand ceremony is held every year, just a few days before the first tea picking in spring, to express gratitude and hope for a prosperous year. 

Unique technique and drinking benefits

Yunnan Golden tea is a “Kungfu tea” featuring exquisite withering and rolling techniques. The tea leaves come from a variety of Yunnan trees, picked at different times and processed in different ways. This results into a kind of tea featuring a stout needle-shaped body with golden tips on both ends, and impressive strength and density.

After two to three minutes of steeping, Yunnan Golden gives out hints of peppery spice, notes of chocolate, and sweet lychee, closing off with a citrus scent. The taste is mellow with a deep malty finish. The soup is golden-brown with a “golden circle” around the brim, the specific feature of Golden Yunnan. Interesting to see is that as the temperature goes down, the soup turns from clear to opaque, a character of supreme black tea.

As do other tea kinds, Yunnan Gold gets your body lots of benefits. You might know that drinking can help lose weight, boost your metabolism, and can relieve stress. But did you know that it is also beneficial for your kidneys? The abundant caffeine and other aromatic substances increase blood flow in your kidney, and therefore, drinking it helps discharge harmful substances in your body. No reason not to try this true golden soup.