Jade Oolong Tea; high mountain, high quality.

You might have tasted Oolong tea before, but have you ever tried Jade Oolong? A lightly oxidized tea from Taiwan, named after its yellow-jade color. It’s classified as a High Mountain Oolong tea type, as the leaves are plucked from tea plants growing above 400 meters. As the Chinese saying goes, “high mountains produce the best tea”. That’s why Jade Oolong is perceived as one of the best and most popular kinds of Oolong tea.

The history

The beginning of tea production in Taiwan dates back to 1810 when Fujian tea businessmen introduced tea trees to Taiwan. About time, since the special climate and geographic features ensure an optimum environment for tea plants to grow. Tea farmers, who were new in business, adopted and improved tea processing methods from Fujian and developed a sophisticated local tea style. By the end of the 19th century, Taiwanese tea had conquered its good reputation around the world. Especially the Jade Oolong, which has a unique taste because of the high mountains the leaves grew on, and therefore the lower temperatures, less sunlight, and dense cloud covers. And on top of that, the leaves are hand-picked ensuring the best possible quality.

The production process

The process of creating Oolong tea is the most complex among that of the six major tea types. Qing making, the making of green leaf which is the vital part of Oolong tea processing is not the easiest job, as only days of mild sunshine, mild temperature, and mild moisture can be used for plucking and processing. After the leaves are collected, they’re left to wither in sunlight and rocked, repeated as many times as it takes, depending on the weather. Afterwards, the leaves are roasted on low heat. A process only experienced tea farmers can master.

The appearance and taste

The body of Jade Oolong is ball-shaped and has a dark green color. Upon roasting, it has a honey-sweet and fruity aroma with a mellow taste. The smooth body, flowery aroma, and fruity finish make the Jade Oolong a much sought-after tea, refreshing and revitalizing your senses. Besides the great taste, the tea comes with benefits for our bodies. For example, it can be beneficial when you’re trying to lose weight, because of the abundant polyphenols and antioxidants which accelerate the metabolism. Studies show that it can also effectively prevent cholesterol generation because of a fat-dissolving enzyme. Additionally, Oolong tea has also been shown to control blood glucose levels which is especially beneficial for diabetes patients.