All about Chinese bubble tea.

In Asia, bubble tea has already been the most popular beverage for the past few decades. Afterward, it’s made its way to the rest of the world and became a real hit. This article will provide you with a bit of history!

At this moment, bubble tea comes in countless flavors and variations. Back in the 1980s, however, it was a simple combination of traditional milk tea and tapioca. Lin, a worker in a Taiwanese milk-tea shop, was a big fan of the Taiwanese dessert “fen yuan”, a sweetened tapioca pudding. She decided to put her two loves together, and added “fen yuan” into an iced milk tea, and shared it with her coworkers. Everyone was amazed by the special taste brought by the chewy tapioca and the shop owner decided to put this tasty unique drink on the menu. That’s how bubble tea was born. Within a month, it grew out to be a big hit in the neighborhood and every milk-tea shop on the street copied the recipe. Not even three months later, bubble tea made its way all over Taiwan, and numerous bubble tea chain stores were established in mainland China. The unique tea kind got its name at first by the bubbles that were formed by shaking up the tea and milk mixtures for a smoother taste. Later, bubble referred to the “pearls” made of tapioca balls in the drink, which adds an extra layer to the beverage, making this chewy, tasty drink one of a kind.

While traditional milk tea is believed to be high in sugars, and fat, during the years bubble tea became much healthier, and therefore became a favorite of many people around the world. Especially for the younger generation in Asia this fresh and high-quality tea consisting out of tea, milk, and fruit, is the go-to option. Additionally, it also grew in its customization. Taro balls, coconut balls, grass jelly, or popping boba? It all can be added for a greater taste. In short, bubble tea is all you need! Time to taste?