Yellow Tea; how to select the best quality

As the tea kinds that is considered the rarest in the world, with incomparable taste, feel, and health benefits, yellow tea used to be reserved for Chinese emperors only. We’re glad, that’s not the case anymore. We will guide you to the steps of selecting the premium quality to create the best experience.

First, look at the dry tea leaves. The color of yellow tea should – as the name reveals – be yellow with slight golden glow. The leaves should be fully intact, and straightly shaped. In the second step your nose is taking over the examination. Pour hot water over the tea leaves to release the aroma. To create the best cup, use purified water of about 75-80℃. This temperature will keep the nutrients intact, and purified water will make sure the chloride, calcium, and magnesium ions that tap- and mineral water contain, will be left out. When brewing the tea, you should experience an aroma that’s similar to chestnuts or orchids.

The color should be bright yellow and crystal clear. Finding a green, brown, orange, or red touch in it, indicates that this is not the superior yellow tea you were looking for.

The final step is to taste the tea. Good quality yellow tea, flows on your tongue, feels mellow, and leaves you with a lingering sweet and aromatic taste.