Kung Pao chicken

Ingredients for 2 persons
• 300 grams of chicken breast.
• 1 cucumber.
• 1 carrot.
• 1 ginger.
• 2 table spoons of bean sauce.
• 1 table spoon of sweet ground bean sauce.
• 2 table spoons of cooking wine.
• 2 table spoons of water.
• 5 grams of salt.
• 3 table spoons of starch.

How to make it

• Step 1
Wash the chicken breast with water, and remove the fascia, residual fat, and take out the bones. Afterwards, use a meat hammer or knife back to loosen up the chicken breast. Afterwards, cut them into slices the size of your finger.

• Step 2
Put the chicken in a bowl, and add a spoonful of cooking wine, and the starch and mix well.

• Step 3
Add the sweet ground bean sauce, bean paste, cooking wine, and water to make the sauce.

• Step 4
Cut cucumber, carrot, and ginger into dices as thick as the chicken.

• Step 5
Heat up a pan on medium temperature, add the carrots, cook. Put them in a bowl for later use.

• Step 6
Put the chicken into the hot pan, using the remaining oil, and stir fry until it’s nearly cooked. Put the chicken in another bowl for later use and remove the oil from the pan.

• Step 7
Put the pan back on the stove, add in new oil, and heat up to high temperature. Then, add in the ginger, sauce you made in step 3, salt, chicken, vegetables, and stir fry for a few minutes. Ready!