Homemade sea food noodles

• Pinch of salt.
• ½ an onion.
• 20 grams of squid.
• 20 grams of shrimp.
• 50 grams of noodles.
• 15 grams of vegetables of your choice.
• 25 grams of soup base for a sea food hot pot.

How to make it

• Step 1
Wash the shrimp, squid, and vegetables with water. Put a pot on the stove and heat it up with some oil. Add the shrimp, squid, and onion. Pour in the soup base and the amount of water suggested on the packaging, and bring to a boil.

• Step 2
When the water is boiling, put the noodles in, and cook for about three minutes. Then, add the vegetables and salt, and cook for another two minutes.

• Step 3
Get a bowl, and scoop all ingredients into a bowl. Pour over some of the broth until just covered. All done!