Chinese Medicinal Diet

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is a result of the life practice of Chinese people of various ethnic groups for thousands of years. It is supported by Science and plays an important guiding role in improving the physical health of modern people. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes that “food is medicine and … Continued

Japanese udon

Ingredients 200 grams of udon. 500 to 800 grams of water. Tablespoon of oil. Pinch of salt. Tablespoon of oyster oil. 1 boiled egg or 4 quail eggs. 130 grams of pakchoi or 150 grams of broccoli.  Additionally, you can add some pork luncheon meat. How to make it Step 1 Cut the vegetables (pakchoi … Continued

Sugar toast

Ingredients for 1-2 persons 5 slices of toast. 20 grams of black sugar. 15 grams of butter. 3 pieces of dried fruit or nuts. How to make it Step 1 Take a piece of toast and cut it into about 6 squares. No need to take the crust off. Step 2 Put a small amount … Continued

Chinese Cuisines

On a lazy weekend, it is quite enjoyable to eat slices of crispy Pecking Duck slices rolled with spring onion, cucumber and sweet bean sauce in pancakes. Gathering to eat Dim Sum is also a good option to celebrate family time. Try Shrimp Dumplings, Xiao long bao, and spring roll to satisfy your taste buds. … Continued

The legend behind Longan fruit

Ever heard of Longan? While this delicious and juicy kind of fruit is very popular in China, many people living in Europe have never heard of it. Let alone, see or taste it. This yellow fruit, which looks like a glass ball, has white, and tender flesh which you should definitely try. The taste is … Continued

Chopstick etiquettes: the do’s and don’t

When Europeans first saw chopsticks, they were probably very puzzled: What is this? Can these two sticks be used as tableware? Compared to regular cutlery, using chopstick isn’t the easiest way, right? Especially, because they need to be held a certain way, but just see it as a yoga practice for your fingers.   However, … Continued