Superfood recipe: Oatmeal with banana and nuts

Oatmeal: the perfect breakfast meal. And the best thing? It’s easy and will keep you saturated until lunch time for sure! As it is high of fiber and gives you a feeling of satiety, oatmeal is known for its benefits of preventing obesity and weight gain. The best way to kickstart your day! Everyone knows … Continued

Superfood recipe: Coconut shrimp

Ingredients 1 egg ½ cup of wheat flour 2 cups nuts, dried coconut meat (crushed of flaked) bread crumbs shrimps coconut oil coconut milk honey vinegar orange juice orange zest curry red pepper flakes How to make it Step1: Combine half of the coconut milk, and flour in a baking dish. Step 2: Separate the … Continued

Superfood recipe: Linseed whole-grain bread

Think that making your own bread is difficult? It’s not! We’ve got a perfect quick bread recipe for you that is great for both sweet and savory toppings. To make this whole-grain bread healthy and tasty, we’re going to use three superfoods: linseed, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Linseed, also known as flaxseed, are small … Continued

Recipe from the Zhejing Cuisine: Longjing Shrimp

Although there are many stories behind the famous Chinese cuisine dish ‘Longjing shrimp’, we’re about to tell you the most widely circulated version. This story tells that this dish is from the time that the well-known Chinese emperor Qianlong ruled the country. An emperor with a rather discerning palate and appetite. One day, he dressed … Continued