White tea: the flowing white gold

Every tea has its own production techniques: some kinds are dried, fermented or even need to be stored before drinking. Even wondered which one has the most natural taste? The answer is white tea. Among the six kinds of Chinese tea, the process of white tea is the simplest. After picking the tea leaves they’re dried naturally in the sun or shade and gently baked to acquire mild fermentation. A simple process with as little manual intervention as possible for the maximum taste.

Chinese consider the beauty of white tea that its fragrance is invisible. Due to the natural making process, you will enjoy the best of all the seasons while drinking a cup of this flowing white gold. Its flavor is light, simple, primitive and natural and it has a quit- and calmness to it. Noticeable is the flavor of the sun. Logical? Yes, since the sun is responsible for the biggest part of the tea making process. The result? A cup of white tea, instantly puts you in a good mood. And as the Chinese say: he older, the wiser, this counts also for white tea and the lucky person drinking it.

Nourish your mind.

When you integrate drinking white tea into your day and drink it all year round, your mind will gradually settle down, just like a cup of tea. It will nourish the mind and create calmness. Because this kind of tea has the weakest flavor of all tea’s, you will learn to find the fragrance, the taste and the inner self. While. Enjoying a cup of tea, the time is created to sit still and observe other things. This makes the tea tasting process a self-exploratory one. Fun fact: most monks like to drink white tea at the beginning of their journey.

Drinking a cup of white tea a day, keeps the doctor away

But when drinking white tea regularly, there are more benefits. Just as other tea kinds a warm cup can prevent the flu by warming the body temperature, decreasing internal heat and fueling your body with antibacterial components such as polyphenols. White tea has proven to lower blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar. Japanese epidemiological studies have shown for example, that drinking ten small cups of tea a day decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 42% for men and 18% for women, compared to drinking less than three 30-milliliter cups of tea a day.

Fun fact: the polyphenols can not only reduce grease within the body, but can also be used to clean your face and open up your pores.

In these busy modern days, integrating the peace, simplicity and quietness of white tea to your lifestyle can be very beneficial. Poor yourself a cup, rest your mind and boost your health.