Longquan Celadon; the embodiment of the Chinese culture.

It’s no wonder that porcelains are called ‘China’. It reflects the indispensable position in the country of origin.  Besides the famous blue and white porcelain, China knows another beautiful form; Longquan celadon, named after the city it was founded. In China this type of porcelain is referred to  ‘the embodiment of the Chinese culture,’ due … Continued

Green Tea; Cool and Rereshing

Green tea, one of the main teas in China, refers to a drink made from the new leaves or buds of the tea plant without the process of drying. Green Tea get its name for its tea color because the color and luster of the finished products preserve the green style of the fresh tea … Continued

White tea: the flowing white gold

Every tea has its own production techniques: some kinds are dried, fermented or even need to be stored before drinking. Even wondered which one has the most natural taste? The answer is white tea. Among the six kinds of Chinese tea, the process of white tea is the simplest. After picking the tea leaves they’re … Continued

Tumeric: curry’s key ingredient

Curry, a dish that’s well known all over the world and comes in hundreds of varieties. Different cultures, and even different regions of the same country, have their own traditional, slightly different flavors adapted to the tastes of the locals and followers. In this blog it’s all about the base; the common spices that play … Continued