The origin of Drinking Tea

Tea originated in China and has a history of more than 6,000 years. It is said that the tea was discovered by Shennong, a famous ancient figure in China. When he was boiling water in a cauldron in the wild, there were just a few leaves floating in the cauldron. The boiled water was yellowish … Continued

Where the east meets the west: Shanghai

Shanghai is the city where the Europeans and Americans have the strongest home-coming feeling. There are streets with European-style buildings, Michelin star restaurants with premium steaks and brunch, and numerous nightclubs where one can go crazy all night. “It is the greatest city in China.” Many visitors wrote on their Twitter posts. After the Opium … Continued

Scent of Spring; green jasmine & friends.

This unique herbal blend is based on the oh so healthy and tasty green tea, spiced up with jasmine leaves. This tea kind conquered its place in the top ten most famous teas of China. To these two key ingredients, we’ve added kaffir lime leaves, Lilly bulb licorice root, hawthorn berry and rock sugars. This … Continued