Black Tea – the international favorite

While green tea beats black tea for the Chinese, this tea kind is the most successful and popular tea internationally. You might know about the British loving black tea for their afternoon tea tradition, but rest assured: it’s the national drink of China and finds its original there as well. While the name would suggest otherwise, this kind of tea has a red color and the fragrance and taste are just as powerful. A lot of people like to drink black tea because of the warm atmosphere it brings to them, but it does more for us. Learn about the health benefits of this China representative that has taken over the world. 

Caffeine to fight fatigue and activate our body

Black tea contains caffeine, an ingredient that is also found in coffee and known for fighting fatigue. Caffeine excites our nerve system by stimulating the cerebral cortex which has a refreshing effect on our brain. It also increases blood circulation and accelerates the excretion of lactic acid in our muscles to counter tiredness. Aspects that make black tea the perfect drink to kick off your day. 

Prevention for illnesses & a healthy stomach

Another ingredient of black tea is flavonoids, which is known for killing bacteria in your food and makes viruses lose their grip. Drinking black tea can prevent colds this way and can also be used to gargle with when the throat is sore to prevent fever. 

Furthermore, Catechin in black tea helps counter bacteria’s causing skin infections. In China black tea is even being recognized as a real treatment. Additionally, experimental studies have also shown that black tea can block the formation of carcinogenic and nitroso compounds by 65%. Regular consumption of black tea could therefore also be beneficial for reducing the risk of skin cancer. 

And having trouble digesting your food? The same ingredient, combined with a bacterium, helps protein break down and therefore have an anti-inflammatory effect. This is why people with food poisoning, for example, should drink black tea to boost their health condition. Especially in winter, drinking black tea can keep your stomach healthy. While we eat more greasy food this time of the year, drinking this kind of tea can help remove these fats. 

So, when is the best time for a cup? While people in the UK use it traditionally at four o’clock for their afternoon tea, the Chinese drink it throughout the day. Morning tea, afternoon tea, evening tea, it’s never absent from their table. Enjoy a cup of black tea whenever you like, you can never go wrong.