July 27, 2020 - HanTing Delivery

Spicy tofu soup

Ingredients  200 grams of tofu.  2 tablespoons or chili-garlic sauce. 80 grams of shredded chicken. 2 grams of chicken powder.  80 grams of mushrooms. 1 egg. 15 grams of coriander. 2 grams of sesame oil. 1000 ml of water or chicken soup. ½ tablespoon of starch. Pinch of white pepper. Pinch of salt. How to … Continued

Three super foods that are worthy of the title

Lately, the word ‘super food’ is popping up everywhere you go; on social media, the grocery store, and even at the beauty parlor. The label is being slapped on just about anything. Even butter is now one of them. There isn’t a Harvard-like admissions process to become a super food, but, butter? We don’t think … Continued

Twice cooked pork with chili bean sauce

Ingredients 400 grams of streaky pork. 2 to 3 red and green peppers. 3 to 4 tablesoons of cooking wine. 3 to 4 pieces of ginger. 200 grams of scallion. 2 tablespoons of chili bean sauce. 1 tablespoon of sugar. 1 tablespoon of soy sauce.  ½ tablespoon of oil. 5 grams of chicken essence. How … Continued

Cantonese style fried rice noodles

Ingredients 200 grams of rice noodles. 150 grams of pork. ½ tablespoon of oil. Pinch of salt. 1 tablespoon of soy sauce.  20 grams of scallion. 3 dried red peppers. How to make it Step 1 Wash and chop the pork, cut the scallion and dried pepper into small parts. Step 2 Put the rice … Continued

Curry beef

Ingredients 500 grams of beef. 1 potato. 1 carrot. 1 onion. 1 clove of garlic. 20 grams of butter. 500 grams of milk. 75 grams of curry sauce. Pinch of salt. How to make it Step 1 Wash and dice the beef, potato, carrot, garlic, and onion into small parts. Step 2 Heat up butter … Continued