Black Tea – the international favorite

While green tea beats black tea for the Chinese, this tea kind is the most successful and popular tea internationally. You might know about the British loving black tea for their afternoon tea tradition, but rest assured: it’s the national drink of China and finds its original there as well. While the name would suggest … Continued

Green Tea and its benefits

Green tea is the most popular of all tea kinds in China, and has also won over the hearts of many people all over the world. This tea is made from the new leaves or young buds of the tea plant. Because of leaving out the process of drying, the freshness of the young leaves … Continued

Meatball soup with sesame oil

Ingredients 10 grams of sesame oil. 30 grams of vermicelli made from bean starch. 300 grams of Chinese cabbage or Brassica chinesis. 200 grams of pork. 1 tablespoon of oil. Pinch of salt. 5 grams of monosodium glutamate. 1 tablespoon of soy sauce. 8 grams of starch. 10 grams of scallion.  10 grams of ginger. … Continued

Chicken with garlic black bean sauce

Ingredients  4 chicken legs. 30 grams of onion. 10 grams of scallion. 10 grams of ginger. 2 tablespoons of garlic black bean sauce. 5 grams of pepper powder.  Pinch of salt.  Pinch of sugar.  1.5 tablespoon of cooking wine. 1 tablespoon of soy sauce. 1 tablespoon of light soy sauce. 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce. … Continued

From China Blue to Delft Blue

The Delft Blue plates, vases, and tiles are seen in every corner of souvenir shops throughout the Netherlands and in museums. A real Dutch cultural heritage you would think, right? Quit the opposite: Delft Blue finds its origin in China. Asian pottery’s European cousin Coming across Delft Blue in shops, many Chinese visitors feel a … Continued

Chinese Fire Cupping

Fire Cupping; some consider it ridiculous, some can’t live without. This healthcare method places heated glass cups on identified acupuncture points on the skin of our backs, which pulls vacuum because of the pressure difference. This encourages blood flow to the damaged areas of our bodies. It is like dredging the valves of the veins, … Continued

Tea: a “mistake” that took over the world

Lots of different flavors, tea ceremonies, habits, and rituals: China has the world’s biggest tea culture since the product finds its origin there. Over 6000 years ago, the drink was discovered by accident. While Shennong, a famous ancient figure in China, was boiling water in the wild. While it was supposed to be just water … Continued

There’s no such thing as the “Chinese” cuisine

Crispy Peking duck slices rolled with spring onion, cucumber and sweet bean sauce in pancakes, dim sum, shrimp dumplings, xiao long bao, and spring rolls. Just some examples of ‘typical’ Chinese dishes you find on the menu of restaurants that claim to serve you the authentic Chinese cuisine. The twist? There’s no such thing as … Continued