Eight Treasures Tea; the health elixir

Eight ingredients to boost your health, hence: the Eight Treasures Tea. This herbal blend is called the “Ba Bao Cha” in China and known as the ‘health elixir’, due to the many benefits it’s provides our body with. It originates from the Tang Dynasty, bringing more than thousands of years of history and culture. Because of its mellow taste and scientific formula, it quickly grew in popularity. It quickly spread to the northwest of China, especially in Gansu, Qinghai, and Ningxia, and eventually made its way to all Chinese citizens.

The herbal blend makes you feel better by improving blood circulation, raising the energy levels, boosting the immune system clearing lightheadedness and helping the liver and lungs function properly. It also hydrates your skin, resulting in elimination of dark undereye circles. For women specifically, this herbal blend has shown to be beneficial for the hormones to maintain a regular menstrual cycle.

While every household combines their own eight ingredients, the Zheng Tea Room choose the best health and taste experience by going for roses, goji berries, red dates, chrysanthemum and four more secret ingredients that completes our treasure tea. Just taste and enjoy! 

Steeping Directions:

Put the Eight Treasures herbal blend in 350 ml of 90 degrees water and let it steep for two or three minutes. Afterwards, strain the tea or add a bit of culture by using a gai wan. This traditional Chinese tea cup has a cover, so you can leave the blend in while drinking.