Sultry Twilight; warm, smoky and nourishing.

Looking for a special herbal blend that’s warm and smoky? Look no further. Our Sultry Twilight has the solution. The main ingredients that provide the smoky favor are red tea, cinnamon and LapSang Souchong.  The Lapsang Souchong red tea, which is from the Fujian province of China, is very distinctive with its exotic flavor. After … Continued

Fields of Life; the taste of nature

This herbal blend lets you experience the real taste of nature. Want to feel like you’re walking in a green field, enjoying a fresh breeze, to give your mind peace and your body a boost of energy? Fields of life is your cup of tea. This blend is based on green tea, which is widely … Continued

Chrysanthemum Bliss; a cup of creamy benefits

Chrysanthemum Bliss; a cup of creamy benefits Chrysanthemum Bliss, as the name suggests, the main ingredient of this herbal blend is Chrysanthemum. A flower that has been used in China for over 2500 years and conquered its place within Traditional Chinese Medicine due to its health benefits and many varieties. Enjoy the flavor and perks … Continued

Eight Treasures Tea; the health elixir

Eight ingredients to boost your health, hence: the Eight Treasures Tea. This herbal blend is called the “Ba Bao Cha” in China and known as the ‘health elixir’, due to the many benefits it’s provides our body with. It originates from the Tang Dynasty, bringing more than thousands of years of history and culture. Because … Continued